About the Winemaker


Winemaker Steve Roden, surfing buff with a penchant for neon, was inspired by the awesome waves and beaches of his native country Australia to craft FishEye wines. It is said in the land down under that when a fisherman has an especially good catch, the man’s got the “Fish Eye.”  He seems to have a sixth sense about where the fish are and how to catch their attention.

Like the intuitive fisherman, you could say Steve’s got the “Fish Eye” for wine. In the small town of Griffith, Australia, Steve uses his knowledge, expertise and decades of small lot winemaking experience to create bold, bright wines from grapes grown in the warm, fertile soils of South Eastern Australia. Steve’s goal is to craft easy-to-drink and easy-to-pair wines that can be enjoyed anytime.

About Steve Roden

Steve Roden grew up in Sydney, Australia.  A pretty laid back fellow with a very cool accent, Steve admired and learned a ton from a very cool uncle with an equally arresting accent who drank and collected wine.  As a result, Steve became fascinated with the ‘mystique’ of buying, cellaring — and of course — drinking wine. He started his first cellar at age 18 (the legal drinking age in Australia, of course), kicking off his lifelong passion with all things wine.

While Steve initially chose mining as a career choice after leaving University, his job allowed him to travel widely and to broaden his knowledge and interest in wine. He traveled and drank wines from all over the world — Argentina, California, Canada, Chile, France, Italy, Spain, South Africa — and to bring some of these wines back to his cellar tucked away in a suitcase!

Ten years ago, Steve exploded out of his stint in mining and finally focused on his passion for winemaking.  (Seriously, how can coal be more exciting than Chardonnay?).  Though Steve has accumulated a wealth of wine wisdom, Steve believes in three most important lessons:

  • There’s always room for improvement.
  • “Drinkability” is very important.
  • The winemaking team is family. Good wines have to be made with fun and love.

It was from this wine making philosophy that FishEye wines born. Steve and his winemaking team have crafted FishEye wines for all occasions — fresh, delicious wines that can be enjoyed with or without food.

A Little Bit More About Steve

Steve’s wines of choice are Shiraz, Rieslings and GSM (Grenache/Syrah/Mourvédre blend) wines. When Steve’s not making wine, he enjoys spending time with his family, cooking, gardening and trout fishing.  And yes, he has indeed surfed quite a bit during his youth in Australia.

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